Digital Promotions and Marketing

Build a digital marketing plan with the best platforms for your business

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more

Social media is a great place to identify and target a distinct and high-quality audience, and create a digital marketing funnel that enhances brand awareness within a target audience and grows the brand's relationship with the customer.

By interacting with the audience that converts best, and refining the most appropriate segment, we can better understand audiences and create the most relevant content.

Through A / B testing, we can test different types of creative and focus on the type that drives conversions.

By remarketing to a chosen audience, we deepen messaging, create a specific and relevant call to action, and drive responses. We will also identify various marketing opportunities that stem from social trends or current events.

Google Advertising

Google advertising is divided into two sections: organic and sponsored. We provide SEO and PPC SEO services for maximizing Google performance. We work with Google 360 ​​to analyze, test and improve real-time performance between direct advertising on Google, GDN, GOOGLE MY BUSINESS and more.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important elements in any comprehensive marketing strategy. Optimizing email marketing provides added value to the customer through sales, offers and relevant content that increases loyalty.

We will build you an email marketing campaign that will increase awareness, motivate engagement, drive traffic to your website and strengthen the relationship of customers with the brand.

In addition, we offer email automation services through automated messages sent in response to specific actions or triggers, for example coupons for future purchases, responses to cart abandonment and more.

Content Marketing

Creating and writing relevant high-quality content for your target audience, increases conversions that strengthens your brand, lead generation, direct action and more. We promote content on platforms including Taboola and Outbrain.  

Media Buying

Once we have chosen the advertising tools that best convey your message and motivate action, we move on to media buying.

We buy advertising space on leading sites, share content on different platforms and advertise on social media.

Once ads are live, we work with all platforms and vendors to implement real-time performance analysis and optimizations.

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