eCommerce Development

Specification, and development of eCommerce sites that will leave your competitors biting the dust.


Specification is the framework for building an eCommerce site. It is the first and most important step in the process, and establishes a guiding foundation for website development.

A high quality specification will allow the project to stay on budget and onschedule.

As part of the specification design, we will choose the most appropriate platform for the business’ needs: Shopify, Magento, or WordPress. The design is carried out according to the business characteristics and unique needs as well as according to the relevant platform.

Through accurate and precise specification, we can produce an excellent eCommerce site. It will be fast, Google friendly, modular, and, if necessary, will interface with external systems.

UX / UI Design

Having established a clear and distinct specification, we will proceed to the next significant stage in terms of customer experience on the site: UI / UX interface design and specification.

UX Specification: The aim is to design a user experience and journey within the platform according to the business’ needs. It should be easy to use, smooth, and fast-paced. The user interface design should provide the user with an excellent experience and have a high conversion rate.

UI Design: After specification of the user experience, we will design the interface in a complementary way. Through graphics and visual elements, the users will easily view the interface and will have positive experiences with high rates of conversion.

Needs Based Development and Different Platforms

Once we have established foundations, decided on the structure of the site, the purpose of the pages, and visibility, we can start building. It’s now time to start developing the site according to the specification needs and the formulation of our UX / UI. As we begin to build the site, we recommend using the platform that best suits your business’ needs (Shopify, Magento, or WordPress).

Alternatively, we can build websites with PHP, ANGULAR, REACT, .NET and more.

We know how to integrate and connect to external systems as needed.

Launching and Optimizing Marketing

Now that your site is organized and ready, everyone can start working. We can set up events, measure conversion rates, advertise on Google and through social media, set up email marketing, buy media and more.

As part of launching and maintaining the business, we will organize all the marketing tools into structured, analytical reports for the benefit of collecting data and searching for ways to optimize processes.

?Why Us

Because we understand eCommerce better than Einstein understood the theory of relativity.